Monday, August 5, 2013

Happy August Everyone!

This has been my Sunday night activity... making pizza buns for our team lunch tomorrow.  I think I made 37!  That way we each get about 3 each!  
We rotate every day as a team, choosing a day to cook during that week.  So I picked Monday this week but Laz and I are heading to camp so I thought Pizza buns would be easy to leave out for the team to warm up and yummy along with some veggies and plums from our tree right outside our guest house; the place we gather daily to eat together as a team.  

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Plus, I have been working on the last of my Quilt orders to send away!  They have been fun to piece together and to mix and match fabric.  I hope they are enjoyed by all who receive them!  If YOU are interested in buying one, I'll be taking orders until September 2nd!  They are $40 each plus shipping and will be sent out near the end of October / early November (depending on when this baby comes :)  So, start thinking today for gifts for the holidays, birthdays, weddings, or picnics next spring!  

Monday, July 8, 2013

my late night gardener...

Just a few shots of my husband after he came in tonight after a bit of time watering the garden and weeding a bit with his new tool he bought at the Sunday flea market.  He came in looking like he'd done a little battle with dirt marks on his face.  Now as  I sign out, I have a kitten crawling up me using my skirt as a climbing rope and thinking my back would work the same.  Plus I have Romanian music playing at an outdoor party that is down the street but sounds like it's in my back yard.  So I have some entertainment as I sew on some of Quilt orders with baby kicking away :)  It's a good summer evening!

hard at work even when the sun goes down.

I sure do love this man; goofy smile and all!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bjorks... addition...

    Lots of newness going on here at the Bjork household!

    This spring we have put our papers in for our approval of adoption and now we are in our last month before we receive that.  It's been a long time waiting for this but we are excited that it is now moving along.  Laszlo's papers have been put in as well and now his should be done too by next month so that we can be matched and he can then be in our legal care.  We still have a bit more waiting and papers before the adoption is final, but we are nearer to the finish line now and that is super!

    We've also had our families visiting this May so Laz has been on grandparent overload and lots of loving... which he's loved!  (And an Auntie too!  The rest of the Aunties will be coming this autumn and winter...we a looking forward to our time together with them.)

    And we have been adding a bit.... 3 baby ducks (only one named so far:  Ip... a small town in Romania).  They are quite entertaining and love eating our of your hand... especially Pappa Jonte's hands :)
4 new baby kittens that are 5 weeks now and oh so very cute.  We love watching them play, sleep and explore and learn.
                    A BABY BJORK that is due to arrive this October!
So our family is growing; as is my belly.  We are looking forward to meeting this new little one and adding to our crazy life and very full house!  Laszlo kisses my belly or pats it and asks almost every day if the baby is still growing.
    Well that's an update in a nutshell as they say.  Now I'll leave you all with some photo's of life the past months...
   *Oh, I'm also back in the Quilt making business after a bit of a pause during the beginning of pregnancy... so if your interested in buying one then leave me a message here or on facebook or send me an email.

Celebrating Mothers Day with my Mom and sister... it's been a while since we could actually celebrate together.

just brought home from the market... 2 weeks old

baby duck and Laszlo stare off

hand fed by the favorite Pappa Jonte

meet our newest little ones:  Mr. Bean, Molly, Coraline & Dora

baby gifts for baby bjork and a very pregnant napping Lila...getting ready for her babies to come

the ducks daily bath time

yes it's true, baby bjork is inside this belly.

just a few more months to go and then we will be a family of 4!

taking orders though September... put your orders in! 

Picnic Quilts... 'Handmade by Nadine'

sleeping babies

Monday, January 28, 2013

This Picnic Quilt is still for sale....

Here is a photo of one of the finished products from "Handmade by Nadine" :

Black with small Red/Pink roses and Red/White polka-dots

* (For Sale at $30 + shipping.  10% of all sales goes directly to the help of orphans and poor and needy families here in Romania!)

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Quilt Making!

I'll update soon with more pictures...but I just wanted to say that we have been busy around here with life and such, and Quilt making has been one of them!  I do love crafts making my own things and I  learned to sew from my mother... who also loves to sew and craft!  I haven't done much of it in a long time since life seems to get busy... but now I'm doing more of it and the thoughts and dreams of hand making something unique and of my own has finally come about.  We now have..."HANDMADE BY NADINE"!
(My Mama's Mama was called Nadine and my middle name is the same, named after my Grandma.  I've thought for a while that if I ever sold my own crafts, I'd use my middle name.  So there you have it... the reason for the name title.)
 'Handmade by Nadine" - My own marketing and creating of hand made Picnic Quilts made from Bright Floral Gypsy Romanian scarves sold at the local market.  I do love the market and I love flowers and I love these bright it's been fun to put them together with other fabric prints and make them into a fun and sunny Quilt for those lovely picnics in the mountains, the meadow, by a stream or on a beach, or even indoors on a living room floor! The will brighten up any picnic!  It's true, they are crazy prints with lots of color and pattern...but I sure do love that!  
If you are interested in purchasing one then drop me an email, or post a comment here or on my facebook page:

The 4 of the 5 quilts that I have already shipped to Colorado have sold!  I hope to have another set sent by the end of Feb and ready to be shipped the beginning of March.  I will also ship from Romania the shipping cost will go up though.  You can order too...just give me some colors you like and I can see what kind of loveliness I can come up with!

*10% of your purchase goes directly towards helping orphans and needy families around the area that I serve and work with here in Romania.  For more information about the Quilts or the work I am apart of here in Romania, then let me know via email, facebook or my blog.
More to come soon!

Here are a few of the scarves I use...colors and patterns... just so you have an idea of what I'm sewing with!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's been a long time in coming...

The wait has now ended for my request to receive my Romanian Residency.   With much discussion they have granted it and for that I am grateful!  The Lord has granted favor and we are happy to soon put in our request for adoption!  We have the list of all the papers needed so we are working on a few from out of state and the rest we will get in country.  I just want to say, that the day I walked out of child protection after receiving that list, was a wonderful day since it's been many days that I've come there with other children from our foundation and for other people, but this time I came for OUR Family request to adopt!  I am so excited to have this process started!  It's been about 6 years waiting!  
So that is our latest update... We have a lot to finish and a lot of papers signed before this will be finalized, but we know our God is with us and not against us and we are confident that his favor will continue!  
So Thank you for your prayers and support... we would love to continue to walk this journey together.  We will continue to keep you updated in the coming weeks and months!  

Besides paper work, I am staying busy with the children at the school I volunteer at... lots of kids with many special needs.  So if any of you that have experience in this area...feel free to comment   I would love help or suggestions and ideas for kids who don't learn quite like the rest.  Some don't speak, some don't hear, some don't ever sit for more then 5 minutes.  Or if you have some free time and you have taught at a special needs school before, We Could Use YOUR Help!!!  Come!  Visit us here in Romania!  We would love that (me, my friend, the teacher and our kids!!!)
Happy Autumn!

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Usually I don't post on here about our need for financial support, but it is needed!!!  We need about 31 more supporters at just $15 a month in order for us to cover all cost for our continued work in Romania and in order for us to show that we indeed do have the support to adopt and care for our son.  So, Please help us! We are very low in monthly support right now.  In July we only made $180 through our missions non-profit organization CTEN.  Or we would take 18 new supporters at $25 a month!  If God lays us on your heart, we would love you to join our work in Romania with our son Laszlo and other broken and abandoned children.  Please don't hesitate to contact us!  
We appriciate you all!
/ The Bjorks!